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Website security basic

I have website security basic with my website.  It was free when I purchased my website.  I'm trying to find out what is included in the basic package.    I can see it has blacklist/spam monitoring and a daily malware scan.  Is there anything else that is covered with it?  I'm writing a cyber security policy and want to detail what is in place.    Does it have anything else included in the express, essential and deluxe?


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Super User II

I believe the Basic Website Security is just the regular scans and they'll alert you if there's any problems.  I do not believe it can be purchased on it's own at this time (aside from renewals), the current offerings from your post include malware and blacklist cleanup as well as the optional CDN/firewall.

Community Manager

Hi @JenJen1. Thanks for posting. Website Security Basic was a replacement for the Trusted Site product that we used to offer. I'm not sure what features it has though. I will look into it and get back to you. 


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