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Wilcard SSL install when GoDaddy gives you the CSR

Desperate for some help. I suspect there is a very simple answer to this, but I have been unable to find an documentation and GoDaddy support was not able to understand my problem. 

I purchased a new wildcard cert (* from GoDaddy. When I did so, I was never prompted for a CSR. Instead, during the process of applying my SSL credit for the domain I needed the SSL cert for, GoDaddy actually GAVE ME the both CSR and the private key files. I promptly saved them, assuming I would need them later in the process. Subsequently, I was able to download the various cert files packages for IIS and Tomcat (I will need both). But here's the problem...I can't import the new cert because a CSR was never generated from IIS Manager. ??? How can I use the CSR GoDaddy gave me to complete the process of installing the certificate on my IIS computer?


Surely, I am not the only one to have ever run into this?


Thanks for any guidance.



Getting Started

Are you hosting the website with Godaddy or another provider?  If for some reason your SSL certificate is showing issued you can always re-key the cert with your own CSR. 

  1. go to manage SSL certificate
  2. select the re-key and manage
  3. re-key certificate
  4. paste your CSR
  5. Godaddy will take a few minutes to verify the authenticity of your request
  6. you will then be able to download your certs

You can always use open SSL to go through the whole SSL process. let me know if you need help doing this. 

Note: make sure to keep your CSR, certs, and private key safe and encrypted for future use to install on subdomains.