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Wildcard SSL tomcat

Our wildcard certificate works fine on apache webservers, but when we configure it to work in tomcat it become unable to call service from another service and ssl online validation tools reports errors.

For ex., User in WEB browser can open website running on a tomcat, but when we try to validate our website, ex. We got SSL chain error:

on Apache webserver we got correct validation


We also have tried to add certificates like described here:

Solution was without success:

We have these set of certificates in our tomcat keystore:


  1. CN=*,OU=Domain Control Validated (13:F3:53:4B:23:AF:A6:8D:7D:B3:E0:B2:B8:EB:EA:D3:EF:68:4E:FA:74:00:08:93:76:8F:EE:CB:2A:8D:B5:A)
  2. Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority - G2 (3A:2F:BE:92:89:1E:57:FE:05:D5:70:87:F4:8E:73:0F:17:E5:A5:F5:3E:F4:03:D6:18:E5:B7:4D:7A:7E:6E:CB)
  3. Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2 (97:3A:41:27:6F:FD:01:E0:27:A2:AA:D4:9E:34:C3:78:46:D3:E9:76:FF:6A:62:0B:67:12:E3:38:32:04:1A:A6)
  4. Go Daddy Class 2 Certification Authority (C3:84:6B:F2:4B:9E:93:CA:64:27:4C:0E:C6:7C:1E:CC:5E:02:4F:FC:AC:D2:D7:40:19:35:0E:81:FE:54:6A:E4)
  5. * certificate key pair

Please guide me, what else I need to add/remove/replace in my keystore to get certificates validate correctly in tomcat environment.


I'm having the same problem. Have you resolved this issue? If so, would you share the solution.