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Wordfence GravityScan

Hi All

I used Wordfence GravityScan to check my website:


and got the following result shown below indicating that what I think is the server on godaddy

[] Blacklist Check Failed- abuseat
Critical (10.0)
Description: is currently listed as a source of spam on the abuseat blacklist.
If you believe your site is listed erroneously, click here to request removal.

I looked on to check it out and got this:
Results of Lookup is listed

This IP address was detected and listed 21 times in the past 30 days. The most recent detection was at Sat Jul 22 09:25:00 2017 UTC +/- 5 minutes

This IP address ( is most likely a web server running some sort of CMS system
(like Drupal, Wordpress and so on), where a virtual host (customer web site) has been compromised into providing forwarding links to malicious web sites.
The infection is often caused by malware called Stealrat


Anyone have any ideas if this ip address is infact godaddy and if it it is, how do I go about getting it sorted out?


Many Thanks


David Corr

Corr Electrical Services Ltd



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Re: Wordfence GravityScan



That does appear to be a GoDaddy IP:


IP     :         
Host     :   
Country :    United States


When this happened to me I would call into GoDaddy to make sure they were aware that the IP was on a blacklist.  They always assured me that they were "on top" of those issues but I felt more comfortable asking that they confirm they are aware and working to get the IP delisted.


HTH! Smiley Wink

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Re: Wordfence GravityScan

Hi Muse

Thanks for that I was sure that it was the godaddy server, but did not want to 

start calling them and end up looking the fool, better to double check first.

Will call them and see what they say and check it again next week, just to keep them on their toe's

Thanks for the prompt reply