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Your connection is not private

Dear community,

I have an external online store and domain hosted elsewhere. The website runs on https.

I purchased another domain from GoDaddy, and did a DNS forward as forward this GoDaddy domain to https://myexternaldomain.

When I click https://godaddydomain, it will not forward automatically. It says "Your connection is not private" a...


If I use http://godaddydomain, it will forward no problem.


I kind of understand what is going on, because my godaddydomain does not have a SSL certificate. I only just purchased the domain and all I need is forwarding to my proper website which is hosted else there. The issue is, when someone type the domain name, most people won't type the http or https, just the domain name. Most modern browsers will automatically use https thus gives you the "connection is not private" error.


So does that mean, I need to purchase a SSL certificate for this GoDaddy domain?

Is did I do something wrong with my DNS forwarding settings?



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I typically link to maintain my domains and security certificate with the same company @wangjueliang but that is not required. You can of course separate your domain and hosting, it makes for a different setup but not impossible.


By your example it seems that you are forwarding one domain to the other? Where is your SSL? Is your SSL for the domain you have with GoDaddy or for the external domain? A bit more information might clear up what setup you are using?


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