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generators-deride.php was not found



I've received the following screenshot from 2 different customers this week. Both are trying to access my website on their phones - I think they're both on android. One seemed to resolve the issue by going to the specific link using Chrome.

I have not been able to replicate the issue on my own devices, and I've asked friends to try the urls in question & nor have they been able to reproduce the issue.


My site is hosted on Linux, and I do have an ssl cert, which I purchased through godaddy. I use wordpress. I'm labeling this an ssl issue only because doing some googling indicated that my ssl cert MIGHT be the issue - but I can't imagine why, or why now.


Any suggestions on how I can fix this so that more customers don't bounce? I'm grateful that these two have taken the time to reach out to me to let me know about the issue.





Screenshot_20190523-084958_Chrome (002).png

Helper VI Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: generators-deride.php was not found

Hi there,


https, http, www, non-www can all potentially point to different directories.


1)Make sure that your DNS record points non-www and www to the same host/IP

2) Check your apache configuration to make sure that both http:80 and https:443 points to the same directory in your server.

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @