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I have purchased a 5 user SSL certificate that is currently being used on 4 domains.  GoDaddy did the installation although I was unaware that this is usually a chargeable procedure.  There were many problems but finally the 4 domains that are covered by the SSL are working and the redirect from http to https GoDaddy set up for me too are also now working. At this point it all sounds amazing however, I have 12 other domains not covered by SSL and whatever GoDaddy did with the redirects is affecting these 12 domains.  It is trying to force https and comes back with NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. 

I was in chat with GoDaddy for 7 hours yesterday and after all of that they refused to do any more for me and have told me I have to sort it out myself!  To make matters worse I have an old legacy product Web & Classic Hosting and the help facility in GoDaddy is of no use and I even downloaded the pdf they use for this legacy product.  Sadly the instructions for redirect don't relate to what I see.  They go as far as Settings but the option to redirect doesn't exist on the menus. 

Sorry if this is a bit long winded but if anyone out there can solve this for me I will be a very happy bunny and might be able to get a full night's sleep 🙂 

Many thanks in advance,