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on Windows,when I download the signed executable, I get bumped by Smart-Screen filter which blocks


    on Windows 10, when I download the signed executable, I get bumped by Smart-Screen filter which blocks the application.

     Signature Certificate used: Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2


Here is a code snippet I used to sign the EXE file:
         signtool.exe sign /v /as /f E:\sign\f7ce9c057d316009-SHA2.pfx /p 123456 /tr /fd sha256 E:\sign\IPVideoTalkOutlookPlugin....
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Re: on Windows,when I download the signed executable, I get bumped by Smart-Screen filter which bloc

Hello @jweng and thank you for reaching out to the GoDaddy community. 


Applications that are signed with a standard code signing certificates need to have a positive reputation in order to pass the Smart Screen filter. Microsoft establishes the reputation of an executable based upon the number of installations worldwide of the same application. Since you haven't published your application as yet (and therefore the reputation hasn't been established as yet), the Smart Screen will continue to flag the application.


There are two solutions: either wait till the application has a large user base and its reputation will be adjusted by the Smart Screen. However, the current working status might prevent users from installing and trusting the application. The second option is to sign it with an EV (Extended Validation) code signing certificate. Applications signed with an EV certificate establishes its reputation right away. To quote Microsoft:


Programs signed by an EV code signing certificate can immediately establish reputation with SmartScreen reputation services even if no prior reputation exists for that file or publisher. 

You can find further details at Microsoft SmartScreen & Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates blog post.

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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