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"Your Connection Is Not Private"

Hi there,

I own the website and have been trying to remove it from Wix and use it with Squarespace instead. I defaulted my DNS, secured my domain, and added it to Squarespace but now I'm getting a page saying "Your Connection Is Not Private" which crosses out the "https" in the search bar and redirects me to Google. No matter what variation of the address I type in, the same warning page comes up. How do I rectify this? 


Any help much appreciated! 


Hi @TrevorM, thanks for posting.

The site isn't loading for me at this time, so I can't check it.

Did you have an SSL through Squarespace or another provider? If you don't have an SSL, you won't be able to use HTTPS with your domain name.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Hi Trevor - I am having the same problem, and I see that your site is correctly displaying for me now. How did you fix this? My site is