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unwanted security message

I am trying to resolve an issue with forwarding that I have been unable to resolve. I manage hosting for our company's page The website is hosted on Godaddy. We have a SSL certificate for our website. We also own the companion domain also on GoDaddy. In our control panel, we have forwarded the to our secure site It seems every combination of (whatever you type) in a browser URL works but one and I dont know how to fix it.


if I go to my URL field in my browser (firefox or chrome) and type in any of the below the forwarding works and I am not taken to a security warning page "your connection is not private":


but when I type in the following URL, and only this one, i get taken to a "Security Warning" page:


can you explain why this happens and if there is a way I can resolve it and complete the forward without getting the security message "your connection is not private"?


thank you any help is appreciated...

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Re: unwanted security message

Unfortunately domain forwarding is not compatible with SSL, so using https:// with a forwarded domain results in a security warning.


To get around this the domain would need to be added to the hosting account along with an SSL for that domain, then you could do the redirect within the hosting account.


Re: unwanted security message

thank you Nate for the quick reply. OK, how do we add the domain to our hosting account? is it a simple process? there is no content for, we only own the name and forward to our .com site, i have to think this is a common process for a business. Let me know your thoughts.