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A zero-second message is NOT a voicemail - SmartLine Suggestion

Dear SmartLine Team,


Can we please all agree that a zero second message is NOT a voicemail?!? It does not warrant an email with a subject of "Voicemail message from (555) 555-1212". And you don't need to say "No transcription available." Of course there's no transcription, because the message is ZERO SECONDS LONG. No transcription is POSSIBLE. 🙂


How about a subject of "Call (with no message) from (555)-1212" and a body of "No voicemail was left for this call."?


Similarly in the SmartLine app. A "No transcription available" item that when tapped leads to a 0-second "message" that can't be played is silly. 


I hope this can be improved. Thanks!



Product Team

Thanks @LarryD for the suggestion and feedback. 🙂  We'll share your feedback with the SmartLine product team to improve the voicemail experience.