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CRM(s) that use SmartLine as default?

I've checked out a few iPhone CRM apps but none of them are configurable to use SmartLine as the default phone line for business phone calls and text messages (from within the CRM app so the communication will be tracked). Does anybody know if there are any? Please advise, thank you.


Re: CRM(s) that use SmartLine as default?

I'm not aware of any CRM systems that offer integration with Smartline. I'm not even sure they could, because Smartline doesn't yet offer any automation features. I'd love to see Smartline integrate with IFTTT and offer triggers such as incoming/outgoing call (or maybe call completed), missed call, voicemail received, sent/received texts, etc.. I'd also love to see the ability to sync contacts with a CRM system. As far as I know, as of this writing, none of these automations are available.