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Call/text notifications appear on both phones

I have 2 SmartLine numbers. Each is assigned to a different mobile phone/number. Let's say SmartLine A is assigned to Phone A and SmartLine B is assigned to Phone B.

When a call/text arrives on Line A, both phones are notified although only Phone A can answer. Similarly, when a call/text arrives on Line B, both phones are notified and only Phone B can answer.

This is extremely annoying. I do not want to see the incoming calls/text that are sent to the line not paired with my phone. 

How can I stop this?

Product Team



Thanks for reaching out to us!


Currently the SmartLine app is designed for a solo-preneur – one SmartLine app on one Smartphone.  So 

our ability to handle multiple devices/lines at this time is not an ideal experience as you pointed out.


We have plans to offer a better experience for the multi-device/line scenario sometime this year. If don't mind sharing with us, so we can build the product better in the future, what is your reason for having multiple numbers that link to separate devices?  Do you have a separate business for each line?




Hi @AlohaHelen,


Thank you for the response. We have a single business but need 2 business numbers. We registered both lines with the same GoDaddy account. Even though each line is assigned to a different device, both devices receive notifications.


It seems like the current solution is to have 2 separate GoDaddy accounts: 1 for each business line. Is that the only option currently to avoid notifications on both devices? I don't mind creating another account, but is it possible to transfer my number to the new account?


Thanks again.

Hi @andyw1


If you don't mind sharing, what is the purpose of having 2 separate lines for a single business?  Is it to route calls to the appropriate person or department?


Send me a PM with your SmartLine number and I'll review your account.




Hi @AlohaHelen,


The reason for 2 separate lines is because my 1 business has 2 employees (1 line for each employee). Yes, it is to route calls to the appropriate person.


I'll PM you.

Thanks again.