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Caller ID not showing for ported numbers, SOLUTION FOUND!

Hey just wanted to get this out there for others to check. I had ported in a very old phone number to SmartLine a few months back. I had been endlessly frustrated caller ID never worked properly. I couldn't screen my calls! Calls would always come in under my name "and 2 others", never from "SmartLine" and without caller ID. I just figured out why! I had the number I'm using on SmartLine listed in my contacts under my name and two former coworkers. Once I deleted the SmartLine number from ALL CONTACTS, caller ID started showing properly. It appears that if you have your SmartLine number listed in your contacts, the software recognizes it as coming from that contact rather than a SmartLine call. Delete the number in your contacts, and it should work. Hope this helps!

Product Team
Product Team

Re: Caller ID not showing for ported numbers, SOLUTION FOUND!



Thanks for sharing your solution with others! 🙂


When you install the SmartLine app, we create a contact for you called "SmartLine Call" which has your actual SmartLine # saved.  So you don't need to create a separate contact to save your SmartLine #.  We use the "SmartLine Call" contact to show you the caller's phone number for incoming calls. But if you have your SmartLine # stored in other contact cards, it may mess up the Caller ID function and exhibit the behaviors you experienced.  


Thanks again for contributing to the SmartLine forum!