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Caller ID

Why doesn't the caller ID showed the phone number of the actual person who's calling in? For a dollar more with another provider I can get that. Not having this makes it nearly worthless
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Caller ID

Hi @Kansascitypi,

When you receive an incoming SmartLine call, what is expected is that, we first send a push notification with the Caller ID before the actual call. We then use that notification to show Caller ID on the actual call. If the push notification comes in late, during or after the call, our fallback is to show the “SmartLine Call via SmartLine” as the Caller ID instead of the contact name or number. There are many factors that could play into it such as a bad network connection or Apple’s system sending the push. We're looking into this to optimize showing the Caller ID more reliably in the future. If you're interested, we'd love to reach out to you to discuss your experience. Please let me know. Thanks!



Re: Caller ID

I called support on day 1 and they worked 4 hours or so and seemed to get my caller ID working properly (for a couple of days only). When I receive an incoming call, the Caller I.D. I receive is my own ported smartline number. I'm pretty frustrated as I cannot screen calls any longer. for some reason most go to my cell phones voicemail, some go to my SmartLine voicemail. If I go to the SmartLine call logs after the call it will show the real caller I.D.

Re: Caller ID

I have the same issue with the Caller ID.. The push notification is not showing up prior to the call coming in. Screening calls is not possible. I hope this can be remedied soon. Its very frustrating.. Currently using an iPhone with latest app update.

Re: Caller ID

Has this been resolved?  I just tried it today and got no caller id for the person calling my Smart Line.  It is not worth it if I cant get this info.  

Product Team
Product Team

Re: Caller ID



We are making continuous updates to improve the situation.  Can you try the following solutions:


1. Make sure the user has the latest app version installed (v2.14.0). SmartLine App > Settings (gear icon) > About

2. Make sure SmartLine notifications are enabled on your iPhone. iPhone Settings > SmartLine > Notifications > Allow Notifications

3. Logout and log back in

4. Delete "SmartLine" and "SmartLine calls" contacts from iPhone contact list. Uninstall the app and reinstall the app.


Let us know if any of the above solutions work for you.