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Calls coming through but no one is there

I purchased this smartline about 2 months ago. I have not given the number to anyone since I am still in the process of developing my business. I continuously receive calls to that line that just ring once and hang up. If the number comes through on my phone caller ID then it shows as my smartline number. If I check the smartline app, there is sometimes a different number that displays. I try to call the number back and they do not answer or respond to text. 


I received a text from a smartline person - Larry - who told me to contact with any issues, but I receive no response there either. I know it's cheap, but it's pretty annoying. If anyone can provide any assistance other 2nd line alternatives, then that would be helpful as well. I am getting frustrated reading through this forum finding that people are having issues with simple things like caller ID, text messages, Picture through text. Since I'm already experiencing issues and haven't even started using the line, I'm looking for alternatives. Is it possible to keep this number in the even that I do change providers? Just keeping my options open. 


Thank you 


Re: Calls coming through but no one is there

Hey @chee123,


Were you still running into this issue with your Smartline account? Unfortunately, this sounds like an account specific issue you may want to reach out to our live support teams via phone or chat about as we can't review this specific case over a public forum. 


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