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Calls not ringing on my phone


Thank you

Diane Baer

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Johannalynn, if you've purchased and set up Smartline, but it is not working for you, please contact our live support teams for help in getting it working properly.  Thanks.



Product Team

Hello @Johannalynn


Thanks for reaching out to us!


There are a few reasons why SmartLine calls won’t ring your Phone:


  1. Do Not Disturb is enabled or calls were during off Business Hours.  You can verify these settings by going to SmartLine App > Settings (gear icon) > DND or Business Hours
  2. Your Linked Mobile Phone number is not correct (typo?) or is an international number. SmartLine App > Settings (gear icon) > Linked Mobile Phone
  3. Weak cell reception. SmartLine calls are like cell phone calls.  So, if you can’t receive calls on your regular cell phone number, then SmartLine calls won’t work either
  4. Your SmartLine number may unintentionally be blocked on your Phone.  And if you have any spam apps (Hiya, Truecaller, etc) installed on your Phone it also may have blocked it as well.  
  5. Restart your iPhone


If none of the above steps work for you, would you be willing to do a couple of test calls with us today?  Do you know what the caller hears when they call your SmartLine number? How many rings do they hear, and do they get your SmartLine voicemail greeting?  Please send me a private message with your SmartLine #.




Same answers from chat support
They treat like we have never used a phone before

I know what the Don’t Disturb funcion is
I know I have LTE signal

Can you call me at 303 476-2446 for a test call


I keep missing my calls

the phone does not ring, or stops ringing at 2 rings.


Diane Baer

Hello @Newbiz19 


I've emailed you and asking for additional info.




The problem has long been resolved. Hard wired traditional land lines require dialing “1” before the phone number for some unknown reason. Hope the developers fix this soon!!

Sent from my iPhone

Thank you

Diane Baer

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Same problem. It appears to be on iPhone only. I set the app on Android and it works
On iPhone it only received a notification of a missed call
And when I call my SmartLine number it only rings once, then it goes to the voicemail
(The caller will hear a ring and then to the voicemail)
That didn’t happen on an android

I chatted for support bu they don’t know anything
They start saying that I should restart my iPhone or turn off the don’t disturb option
I have iPhones since the iPhone 3gs

Hello @MarvinR 


Thanks for reaching out!


Please private message me your SmartLine # and we can do some test calls with you.





Same problem here! Was alerted by a contact who tried to call several times over 2 days. Trouble shooting phone calls to support 3 times did not resolve. Cell carrier finds no issues. All test calls from support and cell carrier go through! Oddly, calls from my own home landline do not go through, neither did contact's multiple attempts from a retail store, but calls from another cell in the house go through!! Still looking for resolution as I cannot miss important calls on this line. Hopefully developers are working on a resolution QUICKLY! I know you are better than this GoDaddy!

Hello @Ginabee 


Please private message me your SmartLine # so we can review your account and setup.




Best solution would be a number from Google Voice, I tried it and find it more reliable

Hi @Ginabee,


I had the same problem but in reverse. Calls from my SmartLine were not being completed to my landline. 


Could my solution be true but in reverse for your circumstance?  Meaning could SmartLine need to add your landline number area and region code to their allowed exchange database?



The solution to my landline not accepting calls from my SmartLine number, was to speak with my local phone company and they confirmed the second set of numbers in the phone number were not in the local phone company's allowed phone exchange database.




Where 570-800 numbers were not allowed through the exchange.


The answer was to have them add these numbers, to the allowed exchange database, then everything worked.


Just a suggestion to you on a possible answer to the issue.