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Forwarding to our custom phone line that just ring once

I bought this smartline about 2 months in the past. I have not given the range to every body because I am still within the process of growing my enterprise. I continuously acquire calls to that line

Here at that just ring once and hold up as you can see here. If the quantity comes through on my cellphone caller ID then it suggests as my smartline number. If I test the smartline app, there's now and again a unique quantity that displays. I attempt to name the number back and that they do not answer or reply to textual content. I obtained a textual content from a smartline character - Larry - who advised me to contact with any issues, however I get hold of no reaction there both. I understand it's reasonably-priced, however it's pretty annoying. If all of us can offer any assistance different 2d line alternatives, then that might be helpful as nicely. I am getting pissed off analyzing thru this forum locating that human beings are having troubles with simple such things as caller ID, text messages, Picture through textual content. Since I'm already experiencing troubles and have not even started out the usage of the road, I'm looking for alternatives. Is it feasible to maintain this wide variety inside the even that I do alternate providers? Just preserving my options open.