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How do I get it to where a phone rings and doesn't go straight to voicemail?

Right now it says:

Calls made to your SmartLine number .... will go straight to voicemail.
How do I get it to where my employee can get their phone to ring and not go straight to voicemail? He has the app. Thanks!
Product Team
Product Team

Re: Get Actual Phone calls?

Hello @sunmarque


Thanks for reaching out.  If calls are going to straight to voicemail, it could be for the following reasons:


1) Do Not Disturb is enabled in the App Settings

2) Business Hours are set in the App Settings and calls after hours go straight to voicemail.

3) The Link Mobile Phone number in in the App settings is invalid. 


If the settings are correct, please private message me with your SmartLine # so we can investigate further.  Or for immediate assistance, please call our US based 24/7 customer care at 480-463-8715




Re: Get Actual Phone calls?

I have the same problem. I tried to call my smartline number with another phone. My phone with smartline never rang.
Product Team
Product Team

Re: Get Actual Phone calls?

Hello @QuentinLaymon 


Thanks for reaching out!  A few reasons why your SmartLine calls never ring:


1) Your Linked Mobile Phone number is invalid or has a typo. It has to be US number. Settings > Linked Mobile Phone


2) You have Do Not Disturb enabled, all calls will go to voicemail without ringing.  Settings > Do Not Disturb


3) You have Business Hours set and calls made during off hours will go straight to voicemail.  Settings > Business Hours


4) You accidentally blocked your SmartLine # on your device.


If you private message me your SmartLine #, I can verify your setup.