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Issues since last mobile app update

I've noticed that since the last mobile app update, which was over a week ago, the app started acting VERY buggy - worse than before.  Some things I've noticed:

-I'll get a call/voicemail and/or text message, there will be a notification of such, but entering the app there is no new indication of anything new.  However, if I tap on names from the text/call log, eventually I find the new message but only after I am inside of that caller's text/call history.


- I've noticed that to this issue listed above, if from my iPhone lock screen, I tap directly on the actual notification of a new text/voicemail, the app WILL work correctly and take me directly to the new content.


- if I open the app and pull down on the call log in order to refresh, either it perpetually refreshes causing me to have to close the app and reboot, or it takes a very LONG time to refresh, only sometimes pulling up whatever new content I have notifications for.


Issues like this happen all day long.  Never happened to me before the last update, which was meant to fix other bugs in the app.  It seems like the app is worse off now than before.  I hate to complain, but I'm using this as my one and only business line, so if I cannot reliably retrieve messages from clients, this is a major issue.


Anyone else having this problem?

Please create a new downloadable update to fix these issues!  I've been checking daily since the last update to no avail.


Another issue to note:   If a new text message does properly appear as bold highlighted in the call log, if I enter the message to read the text and then exit, the notification for a new message does not disappear.  The only way for me to get rid of it as far as I can tell, is to enter the "new" message, actually tap within the response section as if I am writing a text back, and then exit.  This way the notification disappears.  But if I do not tap in the section to write a message, it does not disappear.

Product Team

Hello @Razorburne


Thanks for reaching out! 


We are aware of the issue where the app is not loading the latest data.  We have a potential fix and we will be releasing it soon.
For now, the temporary work around is sign out/sign in and uninstall/reinstall.  I am really sorry about the inconvenience this issue has caused and we understand how frustrating it is to run a business when our service is not being reliable.  We're trying to get the fix out ASAP this week or early next week.  I'll post an update here.

Hello @Razorburne


I hope all is well with you.


If you haven't done so yet, please update your app to the latest version (v4.4.0).  We believe we have addressed the issues you were experiencing.  If the issues are still occurring, please let us know.