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Message Failed to Send - business line - SmartLine

As of this morning, I am getting an error message when trying to send text messages. I am getting "Message Failed to Send" even though I have perfect signal and I even tried restarting my phone. This is my business line, so I need to be able to send messages.

Product Team

Hello @msphoto


Thanks for reaching out.


You may get the error "Message Failed to Send" for the following reasons:


1) You're trying to send a text message to an international number.  We currently only support sending to US numbers.

2) You're trying to text a number that is not text-enabled such as a landline.


If you're trying to send a text message to a valid US text-enabled number, please private message me your SmartLine # and the number you're trying to text so we can investigate further.  For immediate assistance please call our US based 24/7 Customer Care at 480-463-8715.