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Occasional text messages show failed to send, recipient actually receives the message.

I'm having a problem with Text messages on my smartline.  I'll be communicating with a customer and some text messages show "Message failed to send".  But sometimes the recipient actually receives the message.  This is very frustrating as i'm not sure which messages the customer has received and which ones they have not.  


Does anyone else have this issue?





How is your network or cellular connection when you run into this error? Are you able to do things such as browse web pages, use applications, etc. because if not, it could be signs of a network connectivity issue?

This is happening to me as well. I use this for work. It’s essential. No internet issues. Switch to LTE doesn’t help. Can surf everything else just fine.

I’m having same problem ,maybe someone can attend to me because i can’t afford to loose my number

You can “port” your number to another service. It’s a pain. But it’s possible. I’ve done it before from google voice.