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Outbound Caller ID is a NECESSITY - Continued...

Hi @jruberte,


Thank you for your reply on the topic just closed but I would like to continue the discussion here.


Caller ID is a Standard Service

Caller ID is an absolute necessity for doing business and increases the chances of a customer picking up your phone call enormously. This is such a standard service and common feature that I receive caller id information on my AT&T cell phone & office landlines everyday without any type of trouble whatsoever.


Extra Billable Charge

If you are making the reason for not adding this service to SmartLine a financial one, let me propose a compromise solution.  For those SmartLine customers who want and need caller id, make it an extra billable charge.


You Will Lose Customers

To not offer such a standard and essential service is jaw dropping and simply poor quality service.  You will definitely lose customers because of this lack of basic provision of service.





I agree!!
Getting Started

100% agree.



Desert Vista Window Washing

Totally agree.  I hate that I have to change my business number but I am 😞

Hi @walkers327


You can port your number out, have a look at this forums porting threads for how its done, though some people have had difficulties, others have succeeded.



Thanks.  Good to know.  I didn't want to have a second phone either but it looks like I'll have to 😞

Hi @walkers327 


I just don't understand the business decision behind this choice not to provide caller ID. GoDaddy's SmartLine team gave a technical & cost reason not to do it in the previous closed version of this thread. 


Have a look at all the other virtual phone number apps out there and see for yourself that caller ID (incoming & outgoing) is pretty much a standard feature on all of them.


There has to be some hidden reason for their denying it is possible to do because "in our experience we found technical difficulties... and the quality wasn't good enough" or it "was too expensive".


So howcome these other virutal app services provide caller ID (incoming & outgoing) at a competitive cost point and don't seem to be having a problem with either the technical issues or cost?


This is such a bad business decision GoDaddy, please reconsider.  You are hamstringing an otherwise good product.



You are definitely right!  I'm going to consider changing.  I just hate because all my business cards say it and everyone else I do business with.

I agree 100%. I have had my smart line numbers for almost 3 years and have been told godaddy was working on implementing caller I'd out ound but till this day nada. It is time to move on. Godaddy should be ashamed of itself a d the lack of follow through with their loyal clients.
Robert F

I totally agree. I assumed (my error) that it would say my business name or give me the option. With all the spam, people aren’t picking up then the phone tag begins. Just because it says our number, I certainly don’t memorize any business numbers. If they are a potential new client emailing me to call them for information, it’s makes it more difficult than it needs to be. Also looks so much more professional.

Well put Aly, I hadn't realized that most people I know don't answer unrecognized numbers either. Its a thing. You guys are usually ahead of the game. As of now, your prices are comparable to services that carry cid