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SmartLine Port Failure

Port-out from SmartLine to another carrier failing

After multiple attempts with two different carriers and 10+ calls to support, I'm posting here hoping someone can help.

I've been trying to port my number from SmartLine to another carrier, and despite following all direction provided by GoDaddy, the port request from the new carrier repeatedly gets rejected for unmatched subscriber information. I've confirmed my information on file with GoDaddy, but no combination of information will get it to go through. I've tried to port to both Sprint (BoostMobile) and AT&T. Here are the steps I've taken:

-I've emailed GoDaddy that I was porting my number out, and I received an email back stating that my number is unlocked and available to port out.. 
-Notified new carrier that port must be processed as a manual (wireline) port
-provided GoDaddy Customer Number as account number, name & address exactly as printed on GoDaddy invoice, and GoDaddy account PIN

I've confirmed with support that the information I'm giving matches what's in GoDaddy's system, I've paid several bills, I'm not under contract, and my account is current.

I've even tried the following steps in desperation:

-using SmartLine number as account number instead of customer number
-appealing directly to (the source of the numbers GoDaddy resells for SmartLine)

Customer support is (sorry to say) absolutely useless, and won't do anything except provide the same info over and over, with no option to escalate to anyone else. If anyone has successfully ported a number FROM SmartLine TO another carrier, I would really appreciate details on what was done for the port to go through.

Additionally, if anyone from GoDaddy that can do anything other than read me the following requirements from your support document, I would very much appreciate you reaching out to me:

"This has been going on for 5 days... Extremely Unacceptable"
I would NOT refer Smartline to Nobody!!!

Re: SmartLine Port Failure

Hello @markeyaw2018


Sorry to hear that your port out experience has been difficult.  Usually when your number is unlocked for port outs, it should be fairly easy for the new carrier to obtain the number. We have people port to those carriers without issues literally multiple times a day. So what you're experiencing is extremely odd. We don't require any additional verification.  It appears the new carrier is requiring the additional info and rejecting themselves.  


We want to help you get back in business and get this all sorted out as quickly as possible.  Please private message me your SmartLine number and someone from the porting team will be in touch with you.




Re: SmartLine Port Failure

I am having the same problem. How was this ever resolved. I’ve been going back and forth for weeks at this point. It’s extremely frustrating.

Re: SmartLine Port Failure

Hello @neecydv5 


To port out simply send an email to from the email associated with your GoDaddy SmartLine account.  The email you're sending it from will need to match what is on file with us for security reasons.


Once your info has been verified you'll receive an email confirmation that the number is unlocked.  You will have 30 days to port out.  We don't require any additional verification with the new carrier to port out.


Are you having problems with getting the number unlocked with us or the new carrier having trouble?




Re: SmartLine Port Failure/?isc=gdcommment

I was able to unlock the number without any problem but the other carrier is stating that you all are rejecting the port because the account number isn’t matching.

Denice Vance, MS, RD, LD, CLC