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SmartLine not receiving confirmation texts from website

Wondering if anyone had this issue before.


I was on a website(don't recall which) registering for something.  I used my Smartline number to register and they subsequently required a confirmation code via text to finish the process.  


I never received the text, I had to use my real/primary mobile number to receive the text.  


Are Smartline numbers somehow in a different category as my real mobile number?  And can this be differentiated by sms services from websites?


My concern is, if I use Smartline, I may not receive certain types of text messages.  

Product Team
Product Team

Re: SmartLine not receiving confirmation texts from website

Hello @DrewChoo 


Thanks for reaching out!


Some systems will only send messages to cell phone numbers.  So, it is up to the sender to allow messaging to SmartLine numbers.  SmartLine can receive messages from other systems such as Southwest and Paypal.