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Smartline Calls From Desktop

Will this ever be possible? I'm re-evaluating the value of my subscription for keeping Smartline for business. If there was a desktop version that could be used to make calls from your computer that would be really useful and it would be more in line with some other options out there. Has anyone heard about this feature being on the horizon?

Product Team

Hello @JB19 


Thanks for reaching out.


We're are considering it for future improvements but don't have a shareable timeframe.  It would be helpful to our team if you can share your feedback on how this feature will be beneficial to you and your business.




Is this feature not available or anyone know how to manually set up where you can call from Excel spreadsheet 

It would be very helpful when we are sitting in front of pc needing to speak to clients and make other calls. it's a drag to keep going to our phones every time. it would also makes it soo much more appealing to use.

I stumbled across this, with the very same thought.  I uses a Google voice account for another purpose, and the ability to answer and send text messages on the desktop is so useful.  Especially for an older person who's not great with thumb typing.  Adding this feature would keep me as a  customer, but it has me looking at other options in the meantime.  

I COMPLETELY agree and recommend your suggestion of having a desktop version of Smartline.  When researching clients (homeowners in my case), it would be very helpful to use a desktop version to call directly from my laptop.  ALSO, as our business grows, I will bring on an admin who will answer the calls daily during set times - would be much easier for the admin to use an online desktop version instead of holding on to an additional cell phone. 

I do agree that desktop calling would be great, but I  would be thrilled with just the ability to text from the desktop.  Even that would be a big step forward.  

I also agree that this would be extremely helpful.  I have an office that has limited cell service so being able to make calls over the computer (wifi) may make or break if I keep this service or just switch to google voice which offers this feature and I dont have to pay for it.  Please make this change so I can still do business and keep Smartline.

I'm jumping on board with this as well.  I'm coming up on a year and I have to say that especially since I've now been working remotely, this would be a game changer.  So much so that if its not avaiable...I'm going to have to jump ship. 😞

Sideline for example does allow texts , listening to messages, and viewing the call log from a browser.  You cannot actually place calls, but I am fine with that.  I just want text capability and voicemail access.  

I'd looked at Sideline as well.  It does have the desktop messaging feature, but gives up a critical one for me.  And that is business hours.  You do not have the option to set daily start and stop times for do not disturb.    Big deal killer that is.  


I think it's worth noting that Godaddy is half the price of Sideline.   Well at least the base price, but Sideline is unlimited.    Other  alternatives are even more expensive.   I would consider paying a couple of extra dollars for the features we are looking for.    I

Aloha Helen,

I'd like to second this. Having a (simple) Desktop App of Smart Line would be highly beneficial to us too. We work from our personal computers most of the time and simple things like having a keyboard when texting customers through Smartline are so much better if through a dedicated app rather than through a small keyboard on my phone. Same for support and follow-up calls - it works if you only do a couple but when you're faced with calling 100+ people it's very cumbersome on mobile. 

Thank you, ^Nils

Hi there! 

Thanks for your reply. I was also looking for this as an option. It will be helpful for me to be able to transition between the two. I enjoy using the cell when I want to be completely mobile. But when I have presentations it's easier to take the call on my computer as I have done in the past with other service providers. This way when I already am juggling several things at once as a small business owner, I don't have to monitor my cell phone for calls also. I use one computer for seamless interaction. 

Thanks in advance for reviewing. 

Any update on this feature request? It's been 15 months since your reply. Can I use SmartLine on my PC? I just purchased it and now I'm feeling a bit duped b/c I assumed it would have all of the same features as Google Voice. 😞

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Yes, this would be a helpful addition for us as well. 


We all spend a great deal of our time sitting at computers. It would be very helpful to be able to press a button to answer a call, or quickly type a text message without having to leave the keyboard and grab the phone.


I also frequently find myself wanting to copy some text from an email or other document, and paste that into a text message. Fortunately, that feature is built into my MacBook and iPhone - I can copy on the Mac and then paste on the iPhone - but it still means I have to leave the keyboard and pick up the phone to send the text.

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I agree this would be nice as well as having something such as an iPad app in addition to the iPhone / mobile application. 

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I would really appreciate an answer from Godaddy in regards to any planned changes for Smartline, or if in fact there are none.    At the very least, if I can't manage text messages from the desktop, I need to move to another carrier.