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Smartline is modifying my contact info!

Using Smartline on Android device. (galaxy S9)  When a caller that already exists in my contact list, calls the Smartline number, their contact info is modified.  The contact info for Avatar is changed to the smarltine logo and the contact name is changed to Business Caller.  I spoke to Tech support this am who confirmed that it was a known bug and recommended uninstalling and re-installing the program.  Does anyone have any more insight into this issue?  Our business won't be able to continue using this product if it's modifying our existing contact database. Thanks!

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Re: Smartline is modifying my contact info!

Hi @pignosema,


Thanks for the update.  It would be really nice to know about "known bugs".  Perhaps GoDaddy could send out an email to SmartLine users with this announcement.  I would much rather know and deal with it now than deal with unintended consequences of a known bug.




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Re: Smartline is modifying my contact info!

Hello @pignosema


Thanks for reaching out to us.


We do create two contacts in your contact list, "Business Call" and "Outgoing Call".   When you receive an incoming SmartLine Call, we do the following:


1. See if the number calling is in their contacts list
2. If so, we pull their avatar image and update the `Business Call` avatar with it
3. Update the `Business Call` name to be "<incoming_number> (SL)"

4. After the call ends, we revert the `Business Call` contact back to what is was originally


So we only modify the contacts we create and never your contacts. The support person you spoke to may be misinformed.  If you have created a separate contact for your SmartLine #, I would remove it.  It may cause some expected behavior like the Android OS attempts to merge the contacts together once it sees two separate contacts with the same number.  


After you receive an incoming call from someone, can you check the contact list after the call is disconnected? Is the person contact card and "Business Call" contact still there?




Re: Smartline is modifying my contact info!

hi helen,


smartline has added itself like 20 times in my contacts! Is this a know issue? How can I stop it?



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Re: Smartline is modifying my contact info!

Hello @jjreedjr 


Thanks for reaching out.


We're releasing a fix for it today.  After the update, please let us know if it resolves the issue or not.


If the issue still persists please email us at




Re: Smartline is modifying my contact info!

Thank you Helen!