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Why did my SmartLine contacts sync into my iPhone contacts??!!

I save all of my business contacts in my SmartLine app. For some reason, now all of my SmartLine business contacts are showing up in my personal contacts on my iPhone. How do I undo this? I also obviously do not want to lose all of my saved contacts in SmartLine, while trying to remove them from my iPhone contact list.

Hello @Aander3 and thank you for being a part of the Community!


When using the SmartLine app, your contacts are synced with your iPhone and the contacts will show in your iPhone list but will use the SmartLine app to place/receive the call or send a text. The idea behind this is you have a better ease of access when needing to reach out to your business contacts without having to always access the app. If you want to organize your contacts from business/personal, you can always try adding an identifier before contacts first letter in the name like *, (SL), etc.

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