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your service - Feedback

really disappointed , your service sucks . I can't even open the app and I have the user name and the password  , I try to email call  - contact 24\7  in multiples times. - I doesn't work you guys don't work  - so if someone in this community can help me I will appreciated it .


Hi @Stella12 :


It sounds like you're having a tough time with the Smart line App!  Sorry about your experience.  Although I may be limited in what I can do in this forum, I'm happy to help guide you to untangle the set up.  Questions----


1. Did you get the Smart line app directly from the App or Google play store or through your Godaddy ACCOUNT? 

2. Which device are you setting it up on:  IPhone or Android? 

3. What error messages are you getting when trying to log in? 



The answers will get us going on a resolution for you. 

Sales and Support available 24/7 via phone or chat