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    More Social Media Sharing Problems

    I've read many of the entries about social media sharing of websites (as well as the help provided by GoDaddy), but I can't seem to resolve some issues.


    I still can't get Facebook to post an image from my site when you click on the Facebook share button. Pinterest seems to be able to find an image, but Facebook does not. I went into the Facebook developer's sharing debugger, but it tells me the URL for the picture is invalid. I have no idea how to fix that - the image was one I uploaded from my computer to use in the Website Builder. Nowhere in the Website Builder can I even find what the URL of the image is, and I am suspecting it doesn't have a separate URL. I tried to see if I could pull an image from another website where I've shared an image (like GoodReads), but I can't seem to do that either. So I have no idea how to rectify this issue.


    Even worse, I copied a page to create a new page within my site - I'm a writer and have a page for each of my books and didn't want to have to recreate all the formatting for the new page/book, so copied one instead. Now when I try to share the new page/book, it gives the text information for the page/book I copied it from. When I go in the settings, it shows all the appropriate information for the new book, so I don't understand where the old info is coming from.


    Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated. I was a software engineer before I became a writer, so you'd think I'd be able to figure this out. FYI: My website is www.janetsbooks.com and the copied page that is giving me trouble is Wi-Fi under Books. Thanks!


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    Re: More Social Media Sharing Problems

    Seems like I got the incorrect information issue corrected. I hadn't edited the page info originally and caught the mistake when I was testing it out. Apparently Facebook cached the info from the test and didn't want to give it up. I thought I had scraped it, but maybe I hadn't. Not sure, but I ran the developers debug tool (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/) today and was able to get the correct page info to show up with the link.


    I still have no image, though. I've been working on that problem off and on for a while and still don't know how to solve it. Facebook show a link for the image object, but it doesn't go to anything.