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101 database error

I have the smallest website and I have optimized all my images etc but it shows 101 database error, sometimes it shows maintenance downtime or capacity problem. sometimes it takes over a minute to load. this ridiculous! I need it to load in seconds.


Also I have sent a link to several people around the world and it does not load at all shows 101 database error.


My site is too much slow I can’t open Paid Adv page. I have gone through all the other avenues recommended and to be honest I do not understand anything I read in the help topics. It still doesn't work as it should on mobile devices. 


Here  link:


Please help, thanks.

Community Manager

Hi @Pascal. To be honest, I've never seen that error code before. If you can provide more specific details (like a screenshot or the exact error message) and some details on how to make the error appear. Someone may be able to offer a suggested solution. Thanks! 


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Helper II

An odd error. Might or might not by a MySQL error.


The way I fix this type of problems with my clients, is to restore a backup of the site on one of my servers + review logs - Apache + MySQL + PHP + WordPress debug - fixing any problems, then either continue hosting the client on one of my servers...


Or return a backup to the client, with fixes made.


Likely best way to debug this type of problem is to restore site into a runtime environment specifically designed for runtime debugging.

I always design my hosting runtime environments to produce deeply detailed logging, so oddball problems like this are easy to debug.

The big key is having sufficiently detailed logging setup, so when problem occurs, logs can be analyzed for time leading up to problem.