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2 Columns Side by Side on Phone

Hi. I am a complete novice by the way so any help much appreciated. I want to display my page in 2 simple columns so I'm using a plugin called WEN Responsive Columns. (I've tried a few. This is just the latest one) It works perfectly on the my laptop. (as did the others) Very simple and easy to use. Everything looks exactly how I want but on a phone the columns always automatically revert from being side by side to being on top of each other. Nothing will go side by side. All the websites I like the look of and am trying to emulate have nice neat columns side by side if you look at them on a smart phone. So what am I doing wrong? Could it be anything to do with the theme I'm using? MH Magazine lite? Anyone please. Thank you.


Hey @Molloy,


Afraid I'm not familiar with the plugin or theme you're trying to use with your WordPress site. However, it sounds like this is a limitation of one or both that is going to automatically revert your columns to one when viewing the pages through a mobile device. 


Course I would run this by the developer of one or the other to verify if that is the case. Possible either may have some documentation regarding mobile modifications that would still allow you multiple columns. Beyond that, perhaps another member who has used either theme or plugin would be able to offer some further suggestions? 


Let us know if you find anything further. 


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