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Accessing Wordpress Managed Site while DNS Disconnected



I've temporarily redirected my website while we create our new page (Forwarding in the DNS), and I am trying to access the archived site. We are on Wordpress only hosting, and I left the wordpress site alone--just redirected the domain. Can you recommend how to access the Wordpress hosted site while disconnected from the domain?




Hello @MonicaCCC


Are you on the Managed Wordpress Hosting?  If so, you should be able to change the main domain of it to the 'temporary domain' so that you're able to access it. You would do that through the settings at 


As I'm not exactly sure which hosting plan you have as we do still have a few older Wordpress Hosting plans, I would recommend reaching out directly to our hosting support so they can get you pointed in the right direction for that. 


You can also setup an 'Under Construction' Plugin for WP so that people don't see your site while you're creating it.


Hope this helps!