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Adapting the Ascension theme



I'm using the Go Daddy theme Ascension. I notice that there seems to be a filter over the header which means that whatever image you use for the header it is darken by a shade or two. I can tell this is the case as when I put the same image on a blank page underneath the header:


I am assuming that this is a done in CSS. Does anyone know how to remove the filter? Although it looks OK, If you have text in the header image it fades this out to. Is the line controlling the fade accessible within CSS files? 


Many thanks,



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Super User III

Re: Adapting the Ascension theme



Indeed, you'd have to go into the weeds of the CSS coding to make the changes you want. Your best bet would be to look for a developer that can help with that or do some research on CSS coding and remove it yourself.


I would also encourage you to seek out other theme solutions. There are a lot out there that are pretty good. What you want to look for in a theme is how often it's updated, is the code optimized, positive reviews, support, and ease of use.

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Re: Adapting the Ascension theme

Hi all,


Just in case others are having the same issue - the solution to this problem is by adding the following CSS:


.hero {
color: transparent;


This effectively removes the filter effect by making the header transparent. This is also a cross-platform solution.