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Adding existing wordpress blog


I have a domain and a website. i also have a wordpress blog that i use. it has the on it. I was wondering if i can add that wordpress blog to my own domain website. so people can access it like this

Helper IV


My first question would be, is your website a WordPress website or another type of website i.e.) html, GoDaddy's Website Builder, something else)?


If it's a WordPress website then you can export the posts from your blog and import them into your WordPress website.


If it's not a WordPress website, you could create a subdirectory called blog, install WordPress into it, and import all the content into WordPress. 


Hope this helps.






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Hi @kjA,


I use a plugin suite (it has the export suite available as well) to move content among sites.  It may make moving your content a bit easier!


Hope this helps,


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