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Advocate VII

Backups that won't restore

Hi All,

This weekend I had a  situation where I needed to restore a wp site. My dashboard panel showed a couple of weeks of available restore points. I tried 4 different points. When I called support, after a 20 minute or so conversation I was told that because of some problems with Varnish cache that I would not be able to restore the site.  Unsettling news is a bit of an understatement.


Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this?




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Hey @JMPepper,


Really sorry to hear about that happening with your account. Were they able to get the issue resolved so you can backup and restore your site pages again? 


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Yes . I am facing the same problem. Even I paid restoration charges and they restored my site ,but it worked only for four days and again all of a sudden all the contents /pages/forms those were created by me disappeared. Now they are saying saying I have to again pay 5000 INR to restore it back



Helper I

This post showed up when I had the same issue.  Not on a production site, but on a "play" site where I'm testing a variety of plug-ins, as well as GoDaddy WP Hosting.


Here's what DID work:  I've been using to back up my sites.  That restore went without a hitch.  If GoDaddy's "special" way isn't going to be reliable, I highly recommend relying on ManageWP.


In fact, I'm not really even sure why GoDaddy is putting their "brand" on the same tools you can get from ManageWP -- which they own.

Not a GoDaddy employee or support staff; I am a GoDaddy Pro with significant experience using a variety of GoDaddy services.


Thanks for your reply. I will check out for ManageWP as recommended by you. I wonder,why GoDaddy team did not suggest me this when I complained about data recovery.

Thanks once again.