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Bunch of issues - Website prompting for a sign in?



So it had been awhile since I messed with my old website - which is a website with a few pages that than also connects to a blog (via Wordpress) and I started hopping on and updating things. I guess while it had been neglected for a while someone hacked the site and added a ton of php spam. So while I worked through that, I updated plugins in wordpress. Also deleted themes and other de-activated items. I also installed Wordfence, which I think started to identify and remove some of the spam. 


I added an SSL certificate to make things more secure. 


Wordpress prompted that my version of php was out of date, so I tried to figure out how to update it but with linux hosting it wasn't letting me. So I switched to windows hosting.


Everything was working well last night when I went to bed.


This morning the website was prompting that the current version of wordpress did not support my version of PHP. Great, but that's why I switched to windows hosting as now I had an option to update both wordpress and php.


So I went into hosting and updated PHP to 5.6. I also updated Wordpress from 4.9.6 to 5.2.4.


Now nothing works. Mainpage will load sort of, but half the time it prompts for a sign.


but other pages (not related to the blog) load mostly fine:


assuming you don't use https. 


How do I fixed this? GoDaddy said the issues with the wordpress update (which has been going for several hours now) will update in a few minutes to a few hours. However, more and more issues are popping up and I don't have a way to roll back things. Anyone know?




Thank you!



Hi @gcbeehler,


Welcome to the Community!

I see our volunteer users have not replied, so I am moving your post to the correct forum. 


It sounds like you may have been on the older, legacy linux servers, not able to upgrade to a more current version of PHP (limitation of older technology). Instead of moving to Windows (which doesn't handle WordPress as well), you'll want to move to the newer Managed WordPress hosting options, or to a cPanel hosting plan with an easy install of the WP application. 



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