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I've been getting this message for months - support has been unable to fix the issue, it's driving me positively insane. 


I can't access anything WP - not the site itself, nor the admin panel. I always access it from the GoDaddy log in area and the past few months, it's been nada. 


This site is just a blog, but we really, really would like to be able to use it again. 


Intertestingly enough, we have two managed word presses with GoDaddy, one is functioning fine. But this one... is giving us major problems. 


We chose GoDaddy as we don't have to anything technical, we literally type the blogs posts and publish them, we aren't WP tech savvy at all.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Thank you in advance!



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hi @JustMakeItWork,


Leave 'blog.' off your domain in the search bar and it works perfectly so there is something wrong with your blog page or where it is in your file system.

I personally would place it as an extra page and list it in the navigation bar.


Nice flowers by the way, nice site.

Hi, Sorry i should've said, that's our online store, we have no issues with that, it's not hosted by WP. Removing the word 'blog' takes it to a different site, our online store. 


The blog is WP, and i can't log in to it either by the GoDaddy log in or with WP directly, i just get a blank screen on some occasions, and on others, CONNECTION_ERROR