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Can I use swift code Method to receive my Godaddy Reseller Commission at the end of the Month?

Hi there! I would like to start a Godaddy Reseller Pro Plan so that I can sell Hosting plans and Domain Registration under my own brand. I understand at the  end of the month, Godaddy would pay me a commission depending on the number of sales I can make. Now I have been having a problem  on how would Godaddy would be able to pay me  my commission at the end of the month. Some of the Commission Payment Methods listed by Godaddy don't work in my country. I checked with my Bank and they told me that the only way to receive funds from abroad directly to my account is to use the SWIFT CODE Method. In doing so, I can provide my Bank details like the Account Number and the SWIFT CODE from the Bank. I therefore seek to understand whether this method can work. I cannot buy an annual Resseller Pro Package without knowing how I will be able to get paid. Anyone with enough expertise in this area should help. The other thing I would like to point out is that Godaddy Caller Center Personnel are the  worst! Yes this is a matter of fact because I have always called them asking for this information but surprisingly most of them don't understand or cannot even explain what a Reseller Pro Program is! I would expect someone there to have an extensive knowledge of Godaddy products and services. I have gotten a lot difficult times finding answers. I think this issue need to fixed. As a potential customer, I expect you guys to give me clear explanation of how your services or products work. I find it frustrating when I call you for help  but only to be dismayed because of your unsatisfying customer care. Let me hope I will get the answers I need this time! Thank you


Hi @ugacomp,


Thanks for posting and expressing your concerns. Unfortunately, you cannot use Swift Code payment method, you can find all of the payment methods we allow here. Hope that helps!


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Community Manager

Hi @ugacomp,

Did you contact our direct Reseller support line at (480) 505-8857? I'd suggest you do this to talk with them instead of our general support line. 


Here's also some of our Help articles that address payment for Resellers:


And just so you know, for Resellers who are not in the United States, we use Tipalti to handle payments.


Hope this helps and you get taken care of! Come back and let us know. Thanks!



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