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Can't access old blog website from Managed Wordpress Dashboard

I contracted with GoDaddy for a Managed Wordpress site. It has been live now for about 5 days and it looks nice. I was aware that when it was put on my domain, the placeholder (very basic) website that was there would be deleted, but I was not aware that the Wordpress Dashboard I had been using would be deleted and nothing would be automatically transferred to the new one. All the blogs except the latest one are missing. Can they be recovered and imported into the new Dashboard so I don't need to enter everything manually again?


Hi @HappyonWheels,

You will need to migrate your existing Wordpress site that you had with the other company, in order for your existing content to display on your new website.  This article will provide you with the steps. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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