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Can't access /wp-admin/ dashboard with user credentials



I have  Managed Wordpress account. The problem is that I'm unable to access the WP Dashboard via /wp-admin/ URL with any of the WP user accounts (admin included).


Steps I've taken:

  • Reset each user accounts password, but receive "Too many login attempts" error when using reset login credentials.
  • Disabled plugins then tried accessing with user account(s). Error still appears.


Recent changes:

  • Using new theme. However, this issue has been ongoing prior to new theme installation.



I can login via the Godaddy login > Managed Wordpress > Manage WP (blue button) path with no issue. However, using this route, I won't be able to create/allow future users to access the site to edit since I don't want to share my GD access info with website user accounts.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Re: Can't access /wp-admin/ dashboard with user credentials

Hi @lantafly


Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you're unable to log in. I'd recommend following the troubleshooting steps listed here.



Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Can't access /wp-admin/ dashboard with user credentials

I'm having the same issue. Started happening after pushing the staging site to production. How do we fix this?