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Can't navigate to next page on Mobile in Uptown Style theme

I hope someone can help. I'm using the Uptown Style theme and page navigation works fine on desktop, but on mobile there are no links to navigate to the next page of products. I'll include screenshots so hopefully you'll understand what I mean. I added a plugin that allows users to show more products per page, but that's really just a bandaid and doesn't fix the problem.


Here's desktop - works fine




Here's mobile - no link to go to page 2



Advocate VII

Hi @ForYourNose,


While I am not familiar with this particular theme, many of the themes that use the customizer will have the ability to set this option. Start by looking in the customizer blog options for responsive settings.  You might also have to refer to the navigation/menu dialogue.  The tab that you will be looking for is "Show Next/Previous." 


Hope this helps,




Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Thanks so much for your reply, James - I really appreciate it. I poked around for over an hour looking for a place to do that in the customizer (which isn't as detailed for this theme as it was for my last one - not nearly as customizable unless you go in and change the code, which is beyond my comfort zone haha), so I finally found a plugin that gives the site infinite scroll on desktop AND mobile. Problem patched, just kind of disappointed that it wasn't fixed (or easily fixable) in the theme itself. But hey, free themes are free themes, and this one isn't bad.

In case anyone else is needing this same fix, I installed the free plugin, Ajax Load More

Again, cheers, James, for taking the time to respond.  🙂