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Can't upload media with Ethernet cable internet connection, only WiFi

Hello, I noticed an issue with my Managed WordPress hosting and was hoping someone could help?

I have been unable to upload Media when on my desktop computer connected to the internet by Ethernet cable. I tried uploading media by logging into WordPress on my laptop, which uses wifi, and was able to without any issues. 


So this go me thinking and I tried using a WiFi adapter for my desktop's internet connection and sure enough, I was able to upload images again. However, the Ethernet cable provides faster internet speed  and I didn't have an issue with being connected through Ethernet cable at my last job where we worked on WordPress sites all the time. 


Does anyone know what could be the issue? I'm on Windows 10 if that helps. 


Thank you.


Hi @ImitationPaulin

Based on the info that you provided, it sounds like it might be a local firewall issue. Maybe one of our other community members have experienced the same issue and can chime in. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thanks, I'm looking into that was well, or it being a possible Windows 10 issue. 


I also noticed I have the same issue when uploading to the site's FTP via FileZilla, I'm unable to upload files when connected via Ethernet, but I can when on WiFi.