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Cannot access WP Admin Panel

Hi everyone

For one or two week I can not access page it returns empty white page. Nothing on it 

My web site running normally I just can't access wp-admin 

I tried different address like it works but it doesn't accept my password



Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

I had the same issue.


I was not able to access Wordpress and after calling CS and after a day I was able to access WP but the content from last 3 weeks dissapeared.


I hope this issue can be fixed ASAP



Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

Looks like you may have sorted this.


Anyone who stumbles across this I've found this to be a common issue and following the troubleshooting recommendations in this guide usually fix it;




Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

Thanks for the link.


Apparently and according to Godaddy's agent for some reason:


1. the database looks like have already maxed out the limit which is 1GB


2. One database file wp_nrt1f3hx4a_posts table is consuming 887.0 MiB 


I don't know how to find which file is this...

Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

Sorry but I might have to ask you to reword that, I'm not fully sure what you meant Smiley Very Happy 


The whole database can be 1GB, but that wp_nrt1f3hx4a_posts is just one table on your database which is taking up a loads of space.


I would have assumed you just need to remove all of the entries under that table?


Like I said I'm a bit lost.




Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

Thanks me too, I'm lost as well.


Under that name I am checking what is inside but all the files seem to have reasonable sizes when I check them inside WP.


Now from PhpMyadmin I can not tell how they figure out that "wp_nrt1f3hx4a_posts table" has that size.


Hopefully today when they open the chat box They can explain me what's going on... 


Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

Clear your browser cache  I get your login page.


Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel



backup not work

dash board not work

plus today starts errors


html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1216

page with errors

wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/masonry_entries.php on line 32

wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/masonry_entries.php on line 32



Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

Apparently the reason why my Database was about 1gib was:


1. The posts Revisions were not deleted in almost 4 years


So I've deleted all of the revisions.


To do this I've installed WP-Sweep

ONLY "Sweeped" the Revisions OPTION which were 76.8%


2. Optimize the TABLES that were showing "Overhead" of 708.5 MiB


I did this Through phpMyAdmin

I selected one Table that showed 887.0 MiB


and then hit:


"Optimize Table"
So the DB went to 121.5 MiB


I am not an expert, so to find out how to do these "Safe steps" I've spent few days.


However if you are publishing regularly and do not optimize your database at one point you will be facing same issue.


OUR Hosting should let us know that the DATABASE is FULL when it is.


If they do not tell us no matter how many backups they make we won't be able to recover all these backups with a limit in the Database.


And by the way... Their Customer Support it's where...?


I've reached them out every single day by phone and chat.


They do not gave me a REAL solutions or had some decent tutorials on their own web for beginners.


Their main answer is :


A. This is not our problem.


B. We can sell you this


C. Are you still here?





Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

I get the same problem.

I can not access my login page too, it only empty white screen.

Here is my admin page


I've checked this article

but it required log in to Administrator screen while there is nothing at login screen @@

Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

I am also having the same issue and it simply nothing showing. 

Any answer to fix this issue? 

Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

Hi there,


what is the process to get in to wp admin...its not giving me access


Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

I lost my access again

I couldn't find any solution,

I have disabled all of the plugins (using ftp)

Nothing works

The only solution is the restore from backup

But when I use backup I loose all of my comments, and some other data

I will try to use  other template If could login again

Or I will move away from goddady