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Cannot connect to Database in WP

The site had been working perfectly and then today while trying to login to WP Admin i get an error message that WP cannot connect to Database. I logged into Godaddy Console and changed the password and also updated it in wp-config.php file and am still not able to login to WP or access the site.


Anyone got any solution ?


I also have been experiencing similar problem form some days now. pls do anyone have solution


Hey @NLM,

First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy

You may want re-check the password being used within your database and your wp-config.php file. If the information is matching, you'll want to reach out to our live support so our hosting team can help take a closer look at what's causing the connection issue to your database account. 

If anyone else has encountered this within their own WordPress sites, please share your experience and how you were able to resolve this. This might help anyone else having similar experiences. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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i just started and after i installed wordpress, i tried to view my website but the browser says Server cannot be found! why is that? please help!

Hi CG,


Please can you help me.


When I try and go on to edit my wordpress, or even get through to the dashboard, I receive an error to say my wh-config.php file is missing and I need to download.  I'm very much an amateur so don't know what to do...


Many Thanks,


Just started encountering this this morning -- I think. Hadn't been updating much recently. But no, haven't resolved it, it's still crashing.

Hello, how do you make sure your passwords are matching? I logged in to GoDaddy via my Facebook, but created a new password for the WP download just after I purchased my domain and hosting. 


Please help! I was just updating my website with a new post, and then it suddenly logged me out and now when I go to the website it comes up with an Error page. This is the first time this has happened!