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Change from Ares Builder to Wordpress

My website currently uses aresbuilder I want to rebuild the site offline using wordpress then seamlessly move the wordpress version onto the web host.

Helper VI

If you want to do it offline you will need to install additional software and when you move the site on the server you can experience all sort of errors.
That been said, my advice is to make your site directly on your hosting server.
You will have to do a "manual installation" and not the automated installation process from GoDaddy.
I understand that you have a functional website and you do not want your visitors to experience downtime so here is how to do it:
1- go to File Manager and in the folder that you currently have your website and create a new folder
2- download a fresh copy of WP from
3- unzip the downloaded file to a folder on your hard drive.
4- using an FTP client, upload the files to the folder created on step 1
5- go to cPanel and create a MySQL Database
6- access Your.Domain/folder to start the install process.

I hope this will help you.
Good luck.


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