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Changing Domain Name of WordPress Website


I am helping build a new website and here’s the situation:


  • The company already has a website (not WordPress). It’s on a completely different host and different domain (It's not on GoDaddy)
  • I built a new website using WordPress on GoDaddy. 
  • I would like the URL which currently goes to the old website to go to the new website

I worked with somebody about six years ago that did exactly this, but I don’t remember the steps. I know it involved updating DNS records and changing one or both of the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) options in General Settings; I remember that something went wrong and the website went down for a while, but beyond that, I am unsure.


A further complication is that the new website uses GoDaddy Managed WordPress for hosting and it doesn’t let me change the the WordPress Address or Site Adress in Wp-Admin; it has a link to a place on the GoDaddy website where I can apparently change these options, but there’s no place I could find to actually accomplish this. If anyone can help with this access, that would also be great.


Anything you can do to help would be wonderful! I guess I would really like a step-by-step guide which I assume must exist somewhere, although some dedicated Googling has come up empty.

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Hi @MichaelJGillen,


If 'some dedicated Googling has come up empty.' I really need to up my fee's: Smiley Very Happy

These videos although godaddy apply to most domains but you would have to go into the DNS of the hosting (Not Godaddy) to point to the managed wordpress site IP here on godaddy. This means instead of pointing to the old hosting it will point to the new (you).


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Thank you for the help, but that doesn't really address my question: are you familiar with what I need to edit for WordPress, or even how I would accomplish this, since the link that GoDaddy sends me to doesn't have an obvious way to change the URLs?

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Hi @MichaelJGillen,


I don't wish to appear rude, but honestly if you need more direction than I have given then I think you have been dishonest with the people you are building the site for and your capabilities.


Basically you point the domain to the IP of your wordpress site.... that's it basically. 


If you need more help than this I would enrol with or phone support...




"I don't work here, just helping out when I can." Cat Very Happy