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Confused about where I can install WordPress

I have the Deluxe Web Hosting Package with Linux CPanel. I was reading the terms and agreements and I am a bit confused about the Wordpress install. It says that I cannot use a non wordpress page on Wordpress hosting account.

I understand that I am not using a Wordpress hosting platform but a web hosting one, but is it ok to install wordpress on a subdomain of my main website on the regular web hosting deluxe plan?

I don't want to use wordpress as my main site as I like to code my own pages, but wordpress is nice for my forums and what not.

I am only asking because I don't want to violate any rules and get shut down as I am fairly new to this.

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Re: Confused about where I can install WordPress



On the cPanel accounts you can do WordPress, Joomla, HTML and other sites - GoDaddy has a WordPress platform and there you can only use it for WordPress - these are 2 different products.

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Re: Confused about where I can install WordPress

Hi @Kingslothicles ,


You certainly won't get shut down for what you are doing.  Technically, you can do what you are asking.  It is not particularly simple if you have not run WP on a subdomain or subfolder.  Please do your homework!


Also, be very careful on server resources on this platform.  When one starts adding advanced functionality to these servers, demands and configs need attention.  I use the Business cPanel if I find the hosting resources are not sufficient.  I really like the business cPanel.


Hope this helps,


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