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Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

Hi guys, hopefully someone can help me!


I'm trying to set up the MailPoet plugin in Wordpress to connect to my Gmail account for sending emails. I've set it to connect using TLS on port 587 but when I try to send a test email I get the below "connection refused" error.


SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. |
Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to (Connection refused) 


I can connect to Gmail from my browser, so know I've got the username and password correct. A few things I found seem to suggest that GoDaddy blocks certain outgoing ports, but I can't find any definitive list of what ports are and aren't blocked.


Any ideas?

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Re: Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

Hey @Dr2,


I probably should stop being shocked at seeing programs and plugins that are very popular that I have never heard of? This is actually my first time hearing of MailPoet but for you I looked around a bit and found Sending with Gmail doesn’t work… What to do? 


It seems as though MailPoet does not recommend configuration through GMail. I hope that helps?

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Re: Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

Based on your reply, my understanding is that GoDaddy's Managed Worpress works just fine with external SMTP servers and the problem that the OP is having is due to MailPoet (or whatever) software, otherwise everything would have worked just fine, and GoDaddy would gladly take any external SMTP server config and gladly allow any outbound session over ports 465 or 587 and in no case would force the customer to use their own SMTP? Am I correct?

Re: Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

Hey Dr2, let me answer on behalf of all GoDaddy specialists who know the problem very well but blame everyone else but themselves. In your case the blame is put on MailPoem, in my case "the culprit" was a poorly written website for all 503 errors. But here's the real cause of your problem:

GoDaddy blocks SMTP communication over ports 465 and 587 and possibly 25 originating from your site. They will allow mail flow only through their own SMTP servers:

And if you use their server, your "From" field must not be of aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, aim, or msn . Read in red here:


I am facing the same issue where all our mail is either blocked or ends up in SPAM/Junk of our clients. These are order confirmations, sign-in verification emails, newsletters, password resets and other important communication.


GoDaddy at its best: "it's not our fault, it's your plugins and cheap developers".

Re: Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

How you can confirm this is end developer issue, as godaddy not allowing gmail smtp port, any way it should allow.


Re: Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

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Re: Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

Very well said.. 

Re: Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

did you try using the "Easy WP SMTP " plugin and enabling POP on your Gaagle's Gmail account.

Guaranteed to work! (if you need more help w/this then reply back here)

Also, no email is as bad as Microsoft's - or whatever it was called last week!

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Re: Connection Refused for GMail SMTP

Hey everyone. I just wanted to clarify here that our hosting plans are not set up to allow the use of 3rd party SMTP servers. All email sent from our hosting platform is routed through our own SMTP servers. Other SMTP servers are not allowed as part of our security policy. This would be why the post author would be receiving the error message in question. 


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