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Convert Website Builder to Wordpress

Can a website that I built with the Website Builder be converted to a Wordpress site ?

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Re: Convert Website Builder to Wordpress



The short answer is no.  Most of the page builders (of any kind) are designed to get information INTO the site and not out.  Consequently, there are few if any tools for automagically moving a non-WP site into WP.


Unfortunately, copy/paste does not always work easily because sometimes html code is copied as well and the formatting becomes a bit jumbled. 


When I've done this, I typically use a text editor (Notepad ++) to copy the orignal content and then end up pasting into wp.  If you have quite a few pages, you might consider doing a "post/page" import.  You will need to learn just a bit about the fields that WP would require for your import.


You will also need to save your images locally and then upload them into wp.  Not a difficult process by any means, but  can be quite time-consuming.


For me, the key to moving from non-wp to wp is taking some time to plan the move.  Find out what content has to come across first and get that together.  Get all of you images together BEFORE you start.  Define the functionality for your site so you get the right plugins from the start.  While these types of migrations are a pain in the @#%, they often result in a much more functional tool.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Convert Website Builder to Go Central

@JMPepper same question for Go Central. Can i move a Business Website builder into Go Central. I started with something way too simple for me need more options. I can do WP or GC but would rather not have to rebuild my site AGAIN.


I did that originally when i came to GDaddy. Full Dreamweaver site of 20 years dropping down to WB was a little fisher price for me but i wanted the simplicity. I was told it was responsive to but found out after the fact it was not. GC and WP are so would like to move to one of those.


Please advise. Thanks

Re: Convert Website Builder to Wordpress



If I'm ok with nuking the previous site to use WordPress, could I build in WP and FTP up to my Godaddy domain site?




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Re: Convert Website Builder to Wordpress

Hi @jtmacman,


Starting over with WP is going to be a bit of a pain but do-able.  How many pages do you have to convert?


Basically, I do a couple of things to prepare.

  1. Get my theme and wp installation ready.  I get my logo, tagline, featured image, etc. all installed and looking good.  I also add my disclaimer and legal pages.  Decide what your layout will be (sidebar placement and content).
  2. Get the menu navigation ready.
  3. Get the text/images ready.  This is where it gets time-consuming.  So far, I have not found anything to beat copy/paste into Notepad ++.  Stripping the html/css out is necessary for correct formatting on the new platform.

Currently I'm using the Beaver Builder theme/child theme and the ultimate plugin package.  Its turning out to be pretty potent in terms of quick development and ease of use.  Paying a little bit for the ultimate add-ons has been worth every penny!


If you are brand new to WP, take some time for education! -- One of my favorite places is WPMUDev.  


Hope this helps,



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